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Sierra Leone Sports: PLB to investigate Eagles & Stars match

The Sierra Leone Premier League Board will launch an investigation into the Kamboi Eagles and Diamiond Stars match played in Kenema on Friday 1 February 2019. The breach of security provisions by the home team (Kambio Eagles) which provoked a situation, allowing fans to invade the pitch, causing commotions and threats. The PLB will further institute the SLFA Referees Committee to investigate the controversial goal, which brought about the confusion. The Board is also aware of an alleged attack on the centre referee, which brought the match to a standstill mid way into the second half. Pictures and videos of the melee circulated on social media and will provide the Board with visual evidence to review during the investigation.


By Bernard Turay

Tel: 077579484/076829887

Wednesday February 06, 2019.

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