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Sierra Leone News: NPPA set to eliminate price variances

The Chief Executive for the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) Ibrahim Brima Swarray, said the majority of monetary issues or problems of government involve procurement. He said they want to ensure that huge variances in prices of specific items are addressed once and for all. It could be recalled that the 4th Quarter of the 2018 Price Norm was recently launched in a bid to address large variances in prices of items procured by MDAs. The Price Norm will contribute to a well-controlled fiscal discipline and value for money. The NPPA Chief, Ibrahim Brima Swarray, said his watch word is that of ‘uniformity’ and ‘value for money’ stressing that when procurement people get it right all other sectors will implement properly thereby ensuring money is well spent and savings are made. Swarray said all items to be procured must first be advertised with details of the contracts made public at the end of every successful procurement. He said the new price norm is the first step in price rationalization. Their next step will be a study to determine the level of compliance to the Norm and the margin of deviation from price contained therein. Abass Conteh is a procurement expert. He said the price norm could boost the economy and help with procurement. He expressed hope that if the new price norm would come to effective use this year in all procurements and that if defaulters are brought to book, it will send a strong signal of how serious the NPPA is. Conteh said the procurement law is clear on all bid documents. It should be charged for with a fair amount just to cover cost on photocopies and preparation of the said document and not money making. He said that is so because most of what is in those bid documents are not the original materials of the MDAs but that of experts years ago so all they are doing is merely adding few requirements of what their bids require. The Procurement Chief warned that those going to seek clarification with the Ministry of Finance for their certificate of award of contract without procurement plans will not be accepted because, according to him, all validated procurement plans going forward will be brought to the Ministry of Finance and if it is not been validated, they should not bother going to the ministry. With regards effecting the new price norm in this 2019 Swarray said with effect from the date the norm was launched all bids that were ongoing did not fall under the category but that all bids especially this 2019 are compelled to go with the new norm stating that he will ensure he does everything to achieve that. He assured that all bids will be placed on the NPPA website as part of their transparent and accountability strides.


By Mohamed Kabba

Twitter: @chikakabba

Thursday February 07 2019.




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