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Sierra Leone News: Algerian envoy visits SLIEPA to explore investment opportunities

The Algeria Ambassador accredited to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, S.E.M Fassih Kabah, ended a working visit to the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) for information on the country’s investment opportunities, priorities and the intricacies involved in investing in Sierra Leone. The Ambassador’s visit to SLIEPA was as a result of subsequent meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation for a reinforcement of bilateral corporation between Sierra Leone and Algeria. According to him, they have proposed to Sierra Leone eight draft agreements among which they have a memorandum of understanding (M.O.U) in training (vocational training), economic corporation (agriculture, plant protection, plant quarantine, livestock and fisheries) and diplomacy and politics. He said, more importantly for SLIEPA, is the proposed M.O.U between the Sierra Leone and Algeria foreign trade promotion agencies and that of the Chambers of Commerce of trade. To finalize this corporation between the two countries, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Ali Kabba, has been given an official invitation to Algeria for March 2019, he explained. The Chief Executive Officer of SLIEPA, Sheku Lexmond Koroma, welcomed the Ambassador and highlighted several investment opportunities on which Sierra Leone will collaborate with Algeria; these opportunities span from agribusiness, marine fisheries, road infrastructure, energy, tourism, mining, oil and gas etc. He encouraged the Ambassador to link Sierra Leone with companies that will also utilize the country’s products as a way of creating room for export. The SLIEPA Acting Director of Investment, Victor Bangura, joined the CEO to further reference three areas of the country’s interest: manufacturing, education and health. He said, the Government is promoting economic diversification programmes, therefore whatever business that is coming in has to have a clear program on how to support our local businesses, for which government encourages the establishment of manufacturing facilities; if you are interested in livestock or rice for example, government would encourage you to have a processing outlet.


By Saidu Bah

Tuesday February 12, 2019.


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