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Sierra Leone News: Nomo Chiefdom elects new Paramount Chief

PC Patrick Kanneh Kabba newly elected Paramount Chief

Patrick Kanneh Kabba has been elected Paramount Chief of Nomo Chiefdom, Kenema District in a runoff election that was held in the chiefdom headquarter town of Nomo on Friday 15th February 2019. He polled 233 valid votes defeating his rival Kadiatu Kanneh Mansaray who got 173 valid votes.  Five people from two ruling houses, the Kabba and Kanneh, contested for the position.  During the first round of the election, James Ansumana Kabba polled 26 valid votes or 6.3%. Patrick Kanneh Kabba got 148 valid votes or 35%. Mohamed Mansaray Karmoh got 32 valid votes or 7.7%. Mohamed Kamara Karmoh got 69 valid votes or 16.7% and Kadiatu Kaneh Mansaray polled 139 valid votes or 33.6%. The runoff was therefore between the two with the highest number of votes polled who are Patrick Kanneh Kabba with 148 (35%) votes and Kadiatu Kaneh Mansaray with 139 (33.6%) votes.  PC Patrick Kanneh Kabba was born on 12th April 1945 in Kponobu village in Nomo Chiefdom. His father was the late Bockarie Kanneh and his mother is Katumu Kabba. He first attended St. Patrick Primary School at Nomo Farma in 1960 and later went to St. Paul Primary School Kenema in 1967. He got his secondary school education at the Holy Ghost Secondary School in Segbwema in the Kailahun District in 1968. He then went to Liberia in 1974 and first started working with Planning and Economic Affairs Ministry in Liberia. He then transferred to the rubber plantation Firestone, as an overseer and later promoted to the position of Supervisor. The last position he held was Acting Production Superintendent at the latest deposit till his retirement in 2004. He returned to Sierra Leone in 2004. He first contested in the 2009 paramount chieftaincy election in Nomo Chiefdom where he was narrowly defeated by a margin of three votes. The Provincial Secretary East, Mohamed Sheik Kargbo, handed over the staff as the power of authority to the new Chief and advised him to rule his people as a family member. The Paramount Chief said the election was won by all of them that took part in the contest. He called on all to join him to develop the Chiefdom. He said everyone should be honest at all times. He described his Chiefdom as the most deprived chiefdom in Kenema district and assured all that he will do everything in his position to change the record for the better.


By Saffa B. Moriba in Kenema

Wednesday February 20, 2019.

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