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Sierra Leone News: Stolen RAV4 recovered in Goderich

On 27th December 2018, Abu Bakarr Kamara was accused of stealing a Rav4 vehicle from his boss, Melrose Cole, while they attended a wedding in Freetown.  Kamara was arraigned before Magistrate Hannah Gbonie at the Freetown Magistrate Court No. 1 on Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown. According to the witness and complainant, Melrose Cole, she recalled on the 27th December 2018, she attended a wedding ceremony with her personal driver, Abu Bakarr Kamara. During a lull in the wedding, she left the hall but could not find her driver nor vehicle. She said she called the accused but did not reach him. She called her husband and waited at the wedding hall. Then, she went to the Lumley Police Station and reported her stolen vehicle. Several days later, Cole received a call informing her that her driver, Kamara, had been arrested and was being interrogated by the Police. He confessed that he knew where the stolen vehicle was housed. A team of detectives, together with the complainant and the accused discovered the grey Rav4 vehicle at a house in Goderich. The number plate had already been changed and the vehicle had been badly damaged along the driver’s side and across the front of the vehicle. The accused, who was not represented in Court, asked the complainant and witness a few questions. He asked the complainant which part of the vehicle was damaged. The accused remains on bail. Magistrate Hannah Gbonie told the prosecuting counsel to bring all witnesses to Court on the 22nd February 2019.


By Sulaiman Karim Sesay

Wednesday February 20, 2019.


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