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Sierra Leone News: Litterers defy FCC

Two weeks ago, the Freetown City Council set up more public trash bins along major roads and streets. But, it seems as if some citizens are being defiant and not properly making use of the bins. In 1987, when Freetown celebrated its Bi-Centenary, was the last time the FCC under the Akibo-Betts administration officially placed public trash bins at strategic points around the city, which was followed by private companies wanting to use trash bins as a means to market their products or services. Masada, the contracted cleaning company, also placed garbage bins as well as portable trash bins around town. But, it seems that the culture of making use of public trash bins has long died out and because there are not enough metro police to enforce FCC by-laws, some citizens are being defiant and continue to litter roads and streets with trash and garbage from their homes. At various points along Siaka Stevens Street to Brookfield’s community around Youyi building where the trash bins are located, most of the yellow bins are overflowing with trash that is meant to be safely deposited into the bins. A senior teacher at the YWCA Preparatory School near the National Stadium Swimming Pool welcomed the idea of the trash bins but explained, “Some people are just being irresponsible when it comes to properly manage garbage and also the bins are not big enough and inadequate to hold certain quantum of trash”. She added that the FCC should ensure that the bins are cleared on a daily basis and not left to accumulate waste, causing the bins to overflow with filth. The location of the yellow bins around the municipality is part of FCC’s attempts to clean up Freetown. Eldred Johnson had a different view about the challenge of keeping Freetown clean. He noted that recently the FCC placed a “No Street Trading” ban on 18 major roads and streets, which is in line with the local Government Act. “Council is still dragging its feet to effectively enforce the law and hold defaulters to account. The law is there. Why can’t it be enforced and examples set to deter others from continuing the unlawful act,” Johnson said. He furthered that the FCC needs to do more public awareness raising and when roads, streets and drainages are kept clean, people will think twice to attempt throwing litter about and will abide by the law to make Freetown clean.


By Ade Campbell

Wednesday March 06, 2019.

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