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Sierra Leone News: NMA compliance officers on integrity check

The image of the National Mineral Agency (NMA) and other agencies within the mining sector has been blotched. The ethics and integrity of some of its officials have been repeatedly questioned. To rebrand and set the newly recruited mines compliance officers on the path of professionalism void of corruption, NMA and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) yesterday, Monday 4 March 2019, conducted an in-house training with the theme; “Upholding ethics and integrity in the work place.”  The Chief Inspector of Mines and the Head of Monitoring and Compliance, Mohamed Bah, said the training is very useful and important “as far as our work line is concern.” Adding, the training is part of an initial training program where integrity is key and we cannot do our work without integrity. “…that is why we bring in ACC to be part of this an internal process. You are public servant in as much as you are trying to do your work there are also other factors which be influence your work, so you have to take that into consideration.” It is very important for you to take note that integrity is a key core value for the NMA. So, while you are carrying out your responsibilities, he said “you also have to make sure that integrity plays a key role.” “You would be influence by a lot of people out there. You would be influence by people who do not want to use the proper channel,” he said. “We don’t want a scenario where we would have to call on people to answer question for defaulting,” he cautioned. He revealed that they have already given expulsion letters to two staff. “This training is not going to stop in Freetown but in all the four regional offices where we will call in compliance officers to undertake similar training.” ACC Head of Policy and Ethics Unit, Joseph Kangaju, said that issues that borders around integrity and ethics have very much to do in terms of progression and development. “For us at the ACC it is our normal practice ito conduct such training. NMA is not the first institution we’ve done such training. We’ve several for other institutions.” He explained that the mandate of the ACC is to address corruption in this country to ensure that Sierra Leone become a corrupt free society, where it socioeconomic values would be share among citizens. He said the intention is to identify corruption vulnerability, once corruption vulnerability is identified we look if they policy related or not and then try to address it.   He said, “It is the vale that we exhibit in a work place that would enhance the institution to attain its vision. We believe once ethics and integrity are exhibited in our daily process in our operations it would improve institutions.” ACC Senior Policy Officer, Musa Kanteh said research has shown that the fight against corruption is not only limited to prosecution and putting systems in place but it also has to deal with the conduct; the integrity of the individual. Mines Compliance Supervisor Osman Foday Fonnah is one of the beneficiaries of the training, said it was timely and would help in the discharge of their duty professionally. Compliance Officer Adamsara Jalloh said this is the first time she is attending such training. She said this training is important because as a first timer working the public sector, the training serves as a guide in the execution of her duties.


By Ophaniel Gooding

Wednesday March 06, 2019.


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