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Sierra Leone News: NP opens fuel station in Kabala

On Saturday 16 March 2019, a new National Petroleum (NP) fuel station was opened in the Wara Wara Chiefdom in Kabala. The General Manager of NP, Kobi Walker, said, “The people of Kabala… today NP is here because we believe in you to take care of this property. We know how important you are in the history of Sierra Leone and we want to be part of that history, that is why we have built such a magnificent station to serve you and the environs.” Walker said this is the 38th station they have built across the country and there are more coming before the end of the year. The land where the station is situated belonged to the Fewrys. He said Pa Fewry was a businessman in Kabala and the children supported NP to get the land in collaboration with the Chiefs.  “I want to make this categorically clear that NP is a Sierra Leonean company that is owned by 35 people who sacrificed their benefits to buy the company in 1996 when the government opted out. NP has nothing to do with politicians or government officials but those 35 personnel who sacrificed their benefits for us today to be gainfully employed and delivering services to the people of Sierra Leone.” He said today NP is in Liberia, where they have just commissioned their new headquarters office two weeks ago. He said they are in Guinea, Gambia and Ivory Coast. The General Manager averred that they would not relent but continue their upward trajectory to be the biggest oil company in West Africa. He called on all Sierra Leoneans to support NP as it is a 100% Sierra Leonean company that will never leave but will plunge all its profits in the country to help in the development process. Paramount Chief of Wara Wara Chiefdom, PC Gbawuru Mansaray, welcomed NP into his chiefdom and said what they have done for them is great as they believe they would not suffer for fuel anymore. He said he hopes that NP would not stop at Kabala but expand into Falaba and other areas in the future. He also thanked the Fewry family for their support in making sure the land was provided for the state of the art station to be built in the centre of town. Representing Petroleum Regulatory Agency was Director Victor Sawyerr, who said they were happy that NP is moving in the right direction to provide services to the people. He called on them to work with the PRA as they are the regulators and they might have valuable advice. Chair of the Board of NP, Mike Carroll said he is happy that so many people in Kabala came out dancing and praising NP for what they have done. He said NP has confidence in Koinadugu district and promised them that if they handle this one properly they will have more of such stations. “I want to emphasize it again that NP was originally BP. They sold out to our government who in turn said they don’t want anything to do with the company. So 35 Sierra Leoneans who were working in the company used their benefits and bought over BP and changed the name to NP in 1996. There is no foreigner working in this company, all of the staff are 100% Sierra Leoneans and we pride ourselves as the best indigenous company in the country.” Marketing Manager of NP Bernard Sisay said the dealer of the station is Wurie Bah a son of the soil who has been working with NP for some time. He called on the people to patronize with them so that more goodies will come to them in the future. Wurie Bah, who is running the station, thanked the Board, management and staff of NP for making sure the station was built in Kabala. He promised to take care of it and serve its people.


Tuesday March 19, 2019.

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