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Sierra Leone News: Murder victim stabbed in front of accused parents- Prosecution says **

On 2 February 2015, Ibrahim Kamara allegedly killed Sulaiman Bah by stabbing him with a knife.  The prosecution alleges that Bah was stabbed in the presence of the accused parents.  At the Siaka Stevens Street High Court in Freetown on Wednesday 20 February 2019, the prosecution led two witnesses in evidence. Both witnesses alleged that they were neighbors to the accused and deceased. They also claimed that they were eye witnesses to the incident.  The first prosecution witness (PW1) Abdul Kargbo said he was sitting in his veranda on the alleged date when he heard the accused father saying, “What did my son do to you? Did he steal from you? Leave him alone!” The witness said he got up from his seat and moved to the door. He said he saw the accused lift a knife and stabbed the accused on the chest.  PW1 said he asked the father why he did not hold on to his son. The witness said at this time the deceased had fallen into a gutter. The witness said he ran to inform the landlady as he was afraid and afterwards reported the matter at the Congo cross police station. PW2 Isata Sesay said on the alleged date, she saw the victim holding on to the accused as they approached the accused parents. She said she heard the victim telling the parents that he saw the accused beating the children at the field, when he stopped him the accused threatened to stab him.  The witness said the victim then told the accused parents that if anything happened with him the accused will be held accountable.  PW2 said there was an argument. The accused took a knife and stabbed the deceased. The accused immediately ran away.

By Edna Browne-Dauphine

Friday April 05, 2019.


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