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Sierra Leone News: As they celebrate late Hon. Eskimo… Parliament calls for better health care

Members of Parliament (MPs) on Tuesday 9 April 2019 called on the relevant authorities to ensure improvement on the health facilities while paying tribute to the late Honourable Momodu ‘Eskimo’ Mansaray, of constituency 043 Koinadugu district. Late Hon. Eskimo died on Saturday 6 April after short illness from malaria and typhoid at the 34 Military Hospital in Freetown. With solemn voice and tears on his face Hon Kusan Sesay (APC) constituency 045 Koinadugu district, disclosed the sacrifices late Hon Eskimo made throughout his life advocating for his people in Wara Wara Bafodia where he served as youth leader, Disc Jockey (DJ,) before practicing as a Journalist with one of the most popular programs in Koinadugu “make you complain’. Hon Sirajin Rollings-Kamara, (APC) constituency 127 Western Urban read a poem he composed in memory of their late colleague who was sitting close to him in Parliament. He called on the family to be united and make sure the dreams of the late Hon Eskimo do not fade out, particularly for his children and people in Constituency 043. The Deputy Chairman of the Public Account Committee, Hon Lahai Marah (APC) constituency 041 Falaba district, disclosed their late colleague came to Parliament in with the intention of pursuing the fight he started years before joining politics on behalf of his people. He maintained the late Hon. Eskimo was unlucky to continue with his fight due to sudden death just after a year in Parliament, disclosing “ Hon. Eskimo was killed by this Parliament” due to lack of proper medical facilities for MPs. According to him, late Hon Eskimo left a message for his colleague MPs relating to their welfare, disclosing that on the 4 April 2019, late Hon Eskimo sent a whatsapp message in the Whatsapp Group stating he is yet to receive alert (salary notification) to take care of his health. Hon. Joseph William Lamin (SLPP) Constituency 081 Bo district expressed disappointment on the side he found himself on the Globe where people easily die of malaria and typhoid. He called on the Committee on Health in Parliament to engage the relevant authorities to see how best this unfortunate situation can be remedied, maintaining people should not be seen dying from typhoid which can be easily prevented and cured. Explaining about the late Hon Eskimo wish, Hon Lamin Foday Kabba, (APC) Constituency 044 Koinadugu district, said the late Honourable started a project to assist pupils preparing to take the WASSCE exams by already providing food and shelter for them, what was remaining was a means of transportation to their exams centers about 100 miles away from their village. He maintained, the late Honourable pleaded for the Committee on Defense to see how best they can engage with the Ministry of Defense for them to provide their trucks for transporting these pupils during their exams period. The Acting Leader of Government Business, Hon Sahr Mathew Nyuma, (SLPP), Constituency 019 Kenema, said their similarities far outweigh that of their differences in Parliament, maintaining the call for their medical scheme affect all of them. The Presiding Speaker, Hon Solomon Segepoh Thomas, (SLPP), Constituency 089 Bonthe district, informed the bereaved family that late Hon Eskimo was a strategic and strong MP who was always advocating for development to his constituency, maintaining his death is a great loss to not only his family but also his constituency and the nation. Hon Sahr Charles, (C4C) Constituency 028 Kono district, in an interview disclosed MPs have so many things bothering them, stating it’s unfortunate they do not have any medical coverage as MP. He said during the last two days of late Hon Eskimo, he (Hon Eskimo) in a text message lamented about his pathetic situation at the hospital, as he was yet to receive his salary, disclosing if the late Honourable was privileged to better medical care maybe he would not have died.

By Alhaji Manika Kamara

Wednesday April 10, 2019.

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