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Sierra Leone Business: ‘Black Bill Gates’ unveiled as Commonwealth Chair for Business and Technology Initiatives in Africa.

The Africa Head of The Royal Commonwealth Society, John Apea has said, “The Commonwealth theme for 2019, is ‘A connected Commonwealth’ which is “most appropriate as we outdoor Herman to lead out technology and business initiatives”. Mr. Herman Chinery-Hesse was chosen because of his experience in leadership and success at driving businesses to growth which has earned him the nick name ‘Bill Gates of Africa’.
As such, Apea went on: “We need jobs for the youth, businesses that compete internationally, we need functioning healthcare systems and a literate population. These drivers of any economy all sit on the bedrock of technology and business. I believe that we are in good hands”. For close to 20 years ago, Herman decided to abandon his comfortable life in the UK, with no start-up capital and little in the form of personal savings, and no equipment other than his old personal computer he relied on his determination and creative talent for writing software programs.
“Today, SOFTtribe has become the leading business management software developer in the country, providing services to over 250 highly-reputed customers, including Guinness, Nestle, Unilever and the Ford Foundation. SOFTtribe is also a Microsoft development partner. Herman is married to a Sierra Leonean and in the past three years has bought a home and is gradually settling down in Sierra Leone.

Monday April 15, 2019.

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