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Sierra Leone Business: Le2 billion spent under Orange CSR IN 2018

Orange Sierra Leone has declared that in 2018, they spent Le2 billion under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and they say they hope to improve on that this year. Talking on the company’s achievement under their CSR and investment, a member of Staff Desmond Spaine said Orange adopted 50 kids from the age of six months to 18 years and all of them were ebola orphans nationwide. They were sent to all SOS villages across the country. He said they have made a commitment to take care of them for three years spending Le30 million annually. “We might extend our commitment in the future but that will be done by the management.” Mr Spaine from the CSR department said they spent 20,000 Euros to rehabilitate the Orthopedic and Paediatric Surgical (Operating) Theatres at Connaught hospital.  “As usual, Orange provides Ramadan Iftar donations to mosques and underprivileged, disables & homeless people around the country.  We also provided Le50 million donation to Freetown City Council in support of the Government’s keep Freetown Clean campaign.” He also said that there have been calls for organizations and individuals to support the treatment of cancer and because Orange believes in supporting projects that will benefit many people, they decided to support Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation, Awareness and Fundraising Half Marathon yearly with the sum of Le75m. “M-Women in Digital Business saw Orange SL Support five women petty traders with seed capital to sell Orange Products & services across the country with over Le25 million.  The company also provided free ICT introductory training in coding for over 80 children ages 9-16.” Mr. Pratt said the only way Sierra Leone will be able to develop at a faster rate is through education and Orange wants that to happen in Sierra Leone, so they decided to support the Free Quality education with a pledge of USD$1.5 million worth of material assistance. “Orange Sierra Leone is committed to support the country and their customers so we have launched many products to make communication easier and cheaper. We will not stop as this year we will be launching more products. The 4G we have already launched in Freetown and we will roll it out across the country this year. We have brought in cheap and quality phones for all levels of people in the country to make use of and we will continue to improve our quality for all to enjoy. He averred that the company’s management has been restructured and performing at the highest level. “We accompany companies in their digital transformation, regardless of their size and sector of activity.  SMEs, independent professionals and large companies can count on our commitment to bring the performance, security and agility of our digital solutions to the service of their success. We are the global representation of the Orange Business Service activities in SL.” Head of Public Relations of Orange Annie Wonnie Katta said Customers must choose Orange because they master the whole value chain; they listen to their customers and answered their needs because it is their first issue. “We have an offer of diversified products and services and communication solutions for companies of all sizes and according to the needs of the company we offer custom offers and we have quality equipment and we rely on leading manufacturers in the market. We leverage the expertise of Orange group to deliver services for you in Sierra Leone. We create solution for all customer needs in the enterprise business segment: SME, SoHo, LA.” The first female communications CEO in Sierra Leone Aminata Kane said “Since we arrived in this beautiful country, we have tried to understand the needs and values of Sierra Leoneans and how we can connect them with the Orange brand. Our aim is to give our customers what is really essential in their lives and relevant to their locality with international standard.”

Monday April 15, 2019.

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