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Sierra Leone Business: SLRA award $732,710 contracts without evaluation

The Technical Audit conducted into the activities of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) by the Auditor General discovered that about US$ 732,710.92 worth of contracts were awarded without any evaluation. Two contractors (M/s Awesome Consortium Limited and M/s Moliba Investments Limited) signed the Weima Bridge projects on Friday, 7th July 2017 covering a total of 40km, but the tender documents for the contracts were not advertised and the contract was not evaluated. Furthermore the contract data sheet, indicated that the commencement of work would be 20th April 2017 but the auditors discovered the contracts were surprisingly signed on 7th July 2017, three months after commencement of work, meaning that the two contractors had started work before signing the contracts. “We could not get evidence as to whether or not the tender was advertised, received, opened, evaluated and whether the recommended bidder was approved by procurement committee and awarded the contract. Same applied to a total of eight more projects” the Auditors said. It was recommend that SLRA should ensure that all submitted bids go through the same evaluation procedures and that they are adequately evaluated for the purpose of obtaining the lowest evaluated bidder. More so, the action of SLRA management breaches the public procurement procedures and as such should be sanctioned accordingly. It was also observed that, only six of the 18 road projects that were audited had at least complied with on-site contractual obligations. On the other hand, it was noted that material tests for 14 projects carried-out were not approved by SLRA, as there was no evidence which indicated that SLRA approved the material test results. SLRA was asked by the Auditor General to ensure that all materials being used by contractors for road works are adequately tested and that they meet the required standards and quality as per specifications. Further, the Auditor general suggested to the management of SLRA to ensure that construction materials of all ongoing projects are adequately tested and approved for use to avoid the use of sub-standard materials.

By Zainab Iyamide Joaque

Monday April 15, 2019.

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