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Sierra Leone News: Iconic SLBS broadcaster Gipu Felix-George passes away

Gipu Felix-George, the famous Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service musical presenter and newsreader, died at his home in Manchester, England. Felix-George became famous in Sierra Leone for the Saturday morning musical hit program, “Saturday Shindig”, and went on to become one of the best football commentators in Africa in the 70s and 80s, before rising to the position of Director-General of SLBS.  The immediate cause of his death is unknown, but he was said to have been ailing for some time. His death shocked the nation with many recollecting the glory days of the 70s and 80s when the SLBS was one of the most thrilling radio stations in West Africa. At the time, SLBS was blessed with entertaining radio disc jockeys like Roland Buck, Steve Roy, Ronald Malamah-Thomas, Coulson Thomas-Bassir, Bunting Rogers-Wright, William Roberts, Mike Jimmy, Alex French and Hilton Fyle (before working for BBC), among others. The great GFG was affected by the war of the 90s in Sierra Leone. In 1997, Gipu Felix George was accused by the NPRC junta, that seized power in 1992, of undermining their coup announcement. He was later dismissed from the SLBS by the junta. He returned to the SLBS in 1997, after the AFRC coup, but was arrested and detained by the President Kabbah government after the ECOMOG intervention in 1998. He was accused of collaborating with the illegal regime for not heeding the government’s call to escape during the brief AFRC junta rule. He and some journalists and civil servants were later sentenced to death, but Gipu was among the former death row inmates released by the government.


Thursday May 02, 2019.

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