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Sierra Leone News: Parliament strengthens SL cooperation with Ghana, Russia

Ensuring the country boost it economic trade activities and also improve it military technical cooperation between Ghana and Russia respectively,  Parliament has on Tuesday 30th April 2019 ratified two agreements between Sierra Leone and Russia in a bid to improve military and technical cooperation with the two countries. Presenting the two agreements to Members of Parliament (MPs) for scrutiny and possible endorsement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Allie Kabba, maintained that government believes in intra Africa trade and investment which, will help accelerate the development of both Sierra Leone and Ghana on the ratification of the General Cooperation agreement between both countries. “Within the framework of this Commission, we hope Sierra Leone will learn from the experience of Ghana as well as share their experience with us and they too learn from us,” he said, maintaining the Cooperation is on a win-win basis. Speaking on the Agreement between the government of Russia and Sierra Leone on Military/Technical Cooperation, the Foreign Affairs Minister said it would enable both countries to engage in military cooperation through the sales and purchase of military equipment. He furthered that it will strengthen the exchange of relevant military technical intellectual property rights, placement of military specialists in each country and the training of military personnel in both countries. “I know that the benefit on this Russia cooperation will help strengthen our military to protect the land that we love,” he assured. According to the acting Leader of the main Opposition APC, Honourable Hassan Abdoul Sesay, the two agreements are not controversial, adding ratifying the agreement between Sierra Leone and Ghana is just a way of reaffirming something that has been in existence. He disclosed Sierra Leone used to have Ghanaian teachers assisting the educational sector years back since both countries derived their background from the same colonialist along with Nigeria. He mentioned that cross border trade; cooperation and cross-country relationship will not only help their diplomatic relations but also improve the gross domestic product through improving relations with countries across the sub-region. Hon Sesay said Russia has been supporting Sierra Leone over the years by providing the fishing school with Sierra Fishing and during the days of the USSR, Russia used to send medical practitioners to support the health sector. The Leader of Government Business, Hon Sidi Mohamed Tunis, said the two agreements are very crucial for the development of Sierra Leone, maintaining the country have a very close relationship with both Russia and Ghana. “These agreements will cover economic trade and investment, energy, mineral resources, agriculture, education, science and technology, security and military cooperation, foreign affairs, legal and judicial matters” he said. He said people should start thinking about what went wrong in the relationship between Russia and Sierra Leone that used to enjoyed cordial relationship over the years, disclosing with the exchange of military training and support Sierra Leone will be one of the strongest in term of military software programs.

By Alhaji Manika Kamara

Thursday May 02, 2019.


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