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Sierra Leone News: AEBA President says Sierra Akker undertaking economic integration

Sierra Akker Food Processing Company was last week awarded by Africa Economy Builders Awards (AEBA) for undertaking economic integration in Sierra Leone as they are one of the biggest food processing companies in West Africa. Giving the award in Cote d’Ivoire, the President of AEBA Michel Russel Lohoré said during the citation that Sierra Akker has been doing very in Sierra Leone and is the largest chicken and egg producing company. He said according to their research, Sierra Akker has grown since they started few years ago and now the company has opened its own Incubator producing day old chickens onto the day they are ready to be processed for eating. “As an African company, we are hoping that in the years to come Sierra Akker will be able to take over the Sierra Leone market and start exporting to neighboring countries. Mr Pakai Kamara has shown that Africans have the potential to be in charge of our own destiny.” Mr Lahore said his organization is looking for African businesses that are growing and taking over the continent as the time has come for them to be in charge of the continent. He said the African market is big and African businesses must now take the opportunity to take control, and that is the reason they are awarding indigenous companies such awards to entice them to do more. Receiving the award, Mr Pakai Kamara said he was happy that Sierra Akker got the opportunity to be awarded and he is proud that his company has been listed as one of the growing indigenous companies in Africa on the rise. “Today Sierra Akker is producing over 60,000 eggs per day and thousands of chicken and chicken parts to the market. We have started operating our own Incubator and today we are not importing day old chicken anymore.” The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sierra Akker said even though they face challenges, the company is growing by the day and expansion is on the horizon as they plan to start the cattle section in Makeni and Tonkolili where they have enough land space to expand the business. Mr Pakai Kamara averred that because of the award Sierra Akker has received, they are going to make sure that more effort and financial support will be put into the business so that the dream of AEBA will come true for Sierra AKker. He said more than 70 Sierra Leoneans have been employed and the number will grow as they continue to expand. With a forecast of two billion inhabitants in Africa, this giant continent with abundant natural resources is a dream. While international investors are increasingly interested in its strategic sectors, the continent is making economic integration an absolute necessity to accelerate its development. An opportunity to boost intra-African trade, expand opportunities for major infrastructure projects and offer quality public services. There can be no doubt that Africa cannot achieve successful economic integration without the private sector that drives its growth from within.


Tuesday May 7, 2019.

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