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Sierra Leone News: Witness says he dug the hole where human remains were found

The fifth prosecution witness, Mohamed Kamara, testified in the murder trial of Ibrahim Mansaray, who allegedly killed and buried dual US/SL citizen Massah Kaikai, in August 2018. At the Magistrate Court on Pademba Road, Kamara was led in evidence by State prosecutor, Christiana Bull, on Thursday 9th May 2019. Kamara said he was called by the accused to dig a hole, approximately 1 metre deep, in the backyard of the compound where Kaikai lived. Kamara testified how Mansaray got his phone number from a mutual acquaintance and then called him and asked him to bring a pick axe and shovel to the compound on Lower Pipeline Road, off Wilkinson Road.  The witness stated sometime in 2018, Mansaray instructed him and a taxi driver to dig the hole to put garbage in. The two men were paid Le50,000 each for their efforts and then departed the compound. In March 2019, Kamara was tracked down by investigating officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and taken to the compound where he identified the location of the hole. He noted the hole had been filled in and banana trees had been planted over the hole. He gave cooperating statements to the CID officers while being briefly detained. Kamara accompanied the CID and medical team from Connaught Hospital to the scene on the following day. He testified how the medical team dug up the banana trees and dug down into the earth. They discovered skeletal human remains wrapped in a window curtain. In previous testimony, the landlord of the rental house had testified the window curtains belonged in the house. The medical team removed the remains and took the body to the mortuary. Following Kamara’s testimony, Justice Ngeba, gave the accused an opportunity to cross-examine the prosecution witness. Mansaray asked the witness if he could recall the exact dates of the digging contract in the compound. The witness could not recall. The accused asked Kamara about the taxi driver who he alleged helped dig the hole. Kamara did not recall the licence number of the taxi and did not know the driver. Mansaray accused the witness of lying from the witness dock on two occasions. State prosecutor said she will be presenting four or five more witnesses in their case. The matter was adjourned to Monday 13th May 2019.


Friday May 10, 2019.


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