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Sierra Leone News: Le150M bail for alleged Dubai Visa fraudster

Magistrate Mark Ngeba, at the Pademba Road Magistrate Court No. 2, granted Le150 million bail to two alleged Dubai travelling facilitators. The prosecution alleges that the accused, Ramatu Kamara and Osman Samura, conspired to steal Le103,590,000 from 22 people by pretending to facilitate their travel to Dubai. Prior to the bail admission, the fourth prosecution witness, Alusine Jabbie, said he came to know the second accused through Thaimu Bangura at Bumbuna. It was Bangura, according to the witness, who told him that the second accused had a traveling program to Dubai. The witness said when they came to the second accused, he requested $2,000 USD. They later agreed that he pays $800 USD to the second accused for his visa. The witness said the payment was made but the travel did not materialize, and his money was not refunded. He further stated that it was the second accused who named the first accused as the one who disappointed him.


By Edna Browne-Dauphine

Wednesday May 15, 2019.

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