On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...
I'm sure that many people around the world, even Sierra Leone, have witnessed in one way or another the sea of yellow taxis in New York City all clambering to get to where they need to go. Each of the sedans acts like a fish swimming in the thick of a strong current, unable to break out. One taxi blends into another until it's near impossible to tell one from another. It's a scene of homogeneity. I'm not from New York; I've been there twice and trying to get around with a taxi is crazy. Just being in the vicinity is stressful. I'm someone who likes to soak in my surroundings and try to gain some sense of familiarity with them but, in New York with what appears to be the same car driving past me thousands of times over, I often get lost in the chaos. It's like trying to keep [...]
At the Siaka Stevens Street Magistrate Court in Freetown on Friday 31 August 2018, Magistrate Santigie Bangura committed a prohibited immigrant, Dauda Bojang, to stand trial at the High Court. In July this year, while Bojang was trying to check-in to board the KLM Royal Dutch Airline Flight KL511, at the Freetown International Airport he was arrested with a forged Gambian Passport, forged United Kingdom Resident Card and a forged International Certificate of Vaccination. This he allegedly did with intent to deceive the profiling officer, Alie Osman of Airline Profiling Services. The document were said to bear the name Ebrima Jones Bojang. Following police interrogation, the accused admitted to the police that the allegations against him were true. He told them that he found [...]
The Executive Director of Sierra Leone Standards Bureau James Dumbuya has confirmed that products from RK Bahsoon Industries Limited of 11 Bolling Street in Kingtom, Freetown are good for public consumptions. After the products including Mambo Juices, Viva drinks and Ox Energy drinks were tested for standards, sugar contents, preparation and quality. News of expired juices flooding streets and markets across the country came to the public domain after parents complained of buying assorted juices on the market and later noticed their children complaining of running stomach. This worrisome development prompted the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and partners to embark on a nationwide search and testing of all registered juice products in the country. The Standards Bureau said they [...]

The newly constructed $120 million berth and storage facilities yesterday Thursday 30 August 2018 commenced operations as promised by the management of Bollore Transport and Logistic to the people and government of Sierra Leone. On 2nd February 2016 the House of Parliament ratified an agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) and Bollore Transport[…]

With President Maada Bio paying a state visit to China from Aug. 30 and attending the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Summit in Beijing, Sino-Sierra Leone ties are at a new starting point with significant development opportunities, the Chinese ambassador to Sierra Leone, Wu Peng, said. The ambassador said 2018 is a big year for[…]

Saturday cleaning is not an alternative to paying for waste management said Mayor Yvonne Akie Sawyer while receiving WASH donated items from Action Against Hunger on Thursday 30 August 2019. According to the Freetown City Council Mayor, they have a system where people have to pay for regular waste collection, as Saturday cleaning is not[…]

The Executive Director for Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, James Dumbuya, has withdrawn products from KJ New Life Water Enterprises from shops and stores. Dumbuya said the Bureau is to ensure products are tested to ensure standards before being put in the markets for sales. He said most of these juices are not meant for the[…]

The Sierra Police Crime statistics for 2017 were released on Thursday 30 August 2018. The Police recorded 76,622 cases across the country. Only 2,949 of the cases were prosecuted out of the 76,622 recorded. According to the police report, out of the 76,622 recorded cases, Offences Against the Person cases were the most common registering 21,592 cases. There were 14,146 cases of Offences Against Property. The Transnational Organized Crime Unit (TOCU) investigated 54 drug related cases in 2016 as against 120 in 2017. Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Offences accounted for 12,029 cases in 2017. In 2016, the Family Support Unit recorded 11,362 cases. In the 2017 report, there were 9,377 Domestic Violence cases and 2,549 Sexual Penetration cases. There were 103 rapes. In [...]
A Chinese man, Luo Qing Song, is facing three charges including Attempted Murder, Threaten to Murder and Threatening Language, at the Siaka Stevens Street Magistrate Court in Freetown. It is alleged that the accused on 13 January 2017, in Aberdeen in the western part of Freetown, attempted to murder Sam Hui, another Chinese businessman. Song allegedly shot at Hui's car with a firearm. It is further alleged that the accused sometimes in January that same year, at Kalali Casino along Lumley Beach Road in Freetown, threatened the victim to provoke him to commit breaches of the law. Song was later arrested and charged contrary to the Offences Against a Person's Act (1861) and the Public Order Act of (1965). At the Siaka Stevens Street Magistrate Court on Thursday 30 August 2018, [...]
The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has declared Saturday 29 September 2018 as the day for the conduct of Local Council Bye Election in Ward 196 in Constituency 058, in the Tonko Limba Chiefdom, Kambia District. The vacancy came as a result of the death of the former elected councilor, Ibrahim Kella Conteh, on 1 July 2018. The Chief Administrator of the Kambia District Council informed NEC about the vacancy with a letter dated 11 July 2018. This led to NEC using the power conferred on it by Section 33 of the Constitution of Sierra Leone, 1991 (Act No. 6 of 1991) and pursuant to provisions of Sections 96(1) and 70(1) of the Public Elections Act, 2012 and Section 10 of the Local Government Act 2004, to set a date for bye election. According to NEC calendar nomination of [...]